Best Yoga Teacher Training School in Rishikesh India

Join Mandala Yoga Academy, the prime of yogic proficiency and transformation. Our Yoga Teacher Training School is amidst the calm of nature in Rishikesh. Our school has become a symbol of tradition and excellence in yoga learning based on ancient wisdom and exercises. 

We offer a 100-hour yoga teacher training course, a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, a 300-hour yoga teacher training course, and an Anatomy teacher training course in Rishikesh. Learn yoga teacher training course at Mandala Yoga Academy, where all the courses are registered with Yoga Alliance USA and are globally recognized. The ideal batch size of our courses ranges from 15 to 20 students to ensure quality teaching and equal attention from instructors. 

If you are a newbie to deepen your practice or a yoga teacher who just desires to convey your passion with a lot of enthusiasm, this is the destination for you. The Mandala Yoga Academy is committed to providing quality yoga education. We look forward to fitting your request into our schedule. If you are ready to go on your first yoga journey, come and meet us at the Yoga School in Rishikesh.

Mandala Yoga School Courses

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

100 Hour Yoga

Teacher Training in Rishikesh

200 Hour Yoga

Teacher Training in Rishikesh

300 Hour Yoga

Teacher Training in Rishikesh


Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Why Choose Us?

Our qualified and certified yoga instructors, with extensive experience, will pay particular attention to each student’s needs and goals. They will guarantee that the educational process is transformative.

 Go through the wonderful experience of sound healing by joining our sound healing sessions. They have a clear purpose to aid your stress reduction, to calm your body and mind, and to promote general wellness.

Acquire a diversity of yoga styles that include Hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, and Kundalini at the best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Participate in weekly trips to ashrams and holy places, as well as delight in Rishikesh’s breathtaking scenery. Thereby, your cultural experience becomes broader and you feel closer to the locals.

 Experience genuine ashram living, involving yourself with the simplicity, discipline, and spiritual techniques to achieve self-attainment and personal development.

 Learn the ancient knowledge called Ayurveda by participating in classes, consultations, and treatments. It will support your total well-being and balance of mind and spirit.

Why Choose Yoga Courses in Rishikesh India

Rishikesh, a village on the Himalayan foot slopes, is considered the Yoga Capital of the world. Its calmness, serenity, and rich history of yoga make it the best destination to begin your yoga practice. Here’s why Rishikesh stands out for yoga teacher training:

  • Spiritual Ambiance: The riverbank of the Holy Ganges at Rishikesh offers a calm and quiet environment which is good for yogic practice and also for spiritual elevation.
  • Authentic Lineage: Being the home of yoga, Rishikesh gives a unique approach to learning yoga where the instruction is based upon yogic sciences and yogic practice.
  • Experienced Instructors: There are highly skilled and knowledgeable yogis in the city who are as passionate as they are in their teaching and they bring to their students a new learning experience.
  • Natural Beauty: Surrounded by majestic mountains, dense forests, and the River Ganges, Rishikesh is the most natural venue for your yoga retreat and helps you deepen your yoga experience.

What can you learn in our yoga classes

 The classes cover anatomy, methods for instruction, yoga philosophy, and application in real life.

Tactile learning, feedback, and building confidence as future teachers.

 Self-exploration, internalization, and mindfulness development.

Fellowship, faith, and bonding with the other organization members.

Pre-recorded lectures and instructions and consultations with experienced tutors.

 Knowledge of spiritual principles and commitment to ethical living.

 Exploring different yoga styles through practice.

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Mandala Yoga Academy - Food and accommodation

In Mandala Yoga Academy you will have a unique chance for holistic relaxation where we strive to create tranquil atmospheres with tasty food and amazing scenery.

Meet Our Yoga Teacher Experts:

At Mandala Yoga Academy, you will get the opportunity to study under experienced yoga instructors who are enthusiastic about imparting their wisdom.

Expertise: Our teachers have received a proper education in numerous yoga styles, such as Hata, Vinyasa, Astanga, and Kundalini, which will allow us to share complete yoga teachings with our students.

Experience: By dealing with students of different backgrounds during the years of education, our teachers learn the ability to understand the student’s specific academic needs and provide effective and individualized instruction.

Passion: Good teachers are always there; helping us get to the yoga healing part of so many things and the new opportunities, like a personal growth line.

Compassion: The warm environment is set by the instructors themselves as they begin with kindness, thus creating a space that is used by students for self-discovery and acceptance.

Innovative Teaching Methods: Being deep-rooted in traditions, our teachers apply the contemporary methodology to create an environment so that you connect with the yoga world almost effortlessly and in a pleasurable manner.

Holistic Approach: Ideally, our teachers are skillful at applying meditation, ideology, and mindfulness to the learning process to raise the self-awareness and self-connection of our students to the outside world.

Commitment to Growth: Our teachers are lifelong learners who are eager to learn through attending workshops and training and who provide quality education at our center.

Community Builders: We are setting our instructors to preach the gospel of teamwork, so students feel encouraged and included in the whole process.

Step on the yoga mat with us and let the transformative power of yoga lead you to the spiritual mecca of Rishikesh. Participate in our upcoming programs and set yourself on the way to self-realization, recovery, and calmness.


Hannes Boeckhout Student

The yoga teacher training course is an extensive course, which I highly enjoyed. The teachers are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and enjoy helping the students on their journey. The program does focus on the full aspects of yoga, which gives you a good background and knowledge🧘‍♀️. Located a little bit up hill in nature near a waterfall, the place is quiet and enjoyable. Rooms are clean and service is great.

Testimonial #1 Designation

I recently completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training course at Mind Flow Harmony, the best yoga school in Rishikesh. The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging throughout the entire course. The studio was clean and well-equipped, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment to practice in. I enjoyed the variety of classes offered, including the best meditation class in Rishikesh, and appreciated the personalized attention given to each student. Mind Flow Harmony has helped me deepen my yoga practice and has left a lasting impact on my overall well-being. I highly recommend this 200 hour yoga teacher training school in Rishikesh to anyone looking to learn and grow in their yoga journey. I really appreciate all teachers in Mind Flow Harmony for their teachings and efforts. May your school grow and shine.

Testimonial #1 Designation

Mind Flow Harmony Yoga Academy, 200 hours yoga TTC. I would love to share my thoughts about my experience in the Academy. This was an amazing journey for me, I found here profound knowledge of Yoga, not only in physical practice of doing asanas, which was exceptionally helpful (fantastic teachers team), but a brilliant and rare information about anatomy (many thanks to Yogesh), philosophy, which gave me an understanding of spiritual principles of Yoga, meditation practice (allows to feel more connected to yourself, body and mind), mantra chanting (excellent practice to clean mind and feel real emotions). The information is well structured and explained. Though I've been practicing Yoga more than 10 years, after this course I reconsidered my previous experience, and adjusted my vision of Yoga, both in asanas practice and Yoga philosophy perception. This place is a hidden gem in Himalayas, situated in beautiful environment, where you can find peace for mind and time for a deep practice. I really appreciate this place and people who have enough courage to do something they truly believe in. Many thanks to Zainab and Yogesh for their care and knowledge. I highly recommend the Academy for anybody who wants to develop in Yoga practice or feels tired on his or her journey and search for time and space to find a connection to inner voice. Namaste🙏 Safety: Very calm, exceptional safe Food & drinks: Delicious vegetarian food

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